Hair Straightening

Hair Straightening - Sleek Hair That Stays Put

Flyaway hair appears to have a life of its own. A hair straightening treatment with Hollywood Cutters gives you red-carpet sophistication and a definite style advantage.

Your hair becomes beautifully smooth and shiny - and you're in control of it.

There are different ways to achieve the effect of beautifully smooth hair. Our approach is to diagnose your hair in the salon and to tailor the treatment to the unique properties of your hair.

Maintaining the health of your hair is of paramount importance to us. For the hair straightening treatment we use only the best products in the world to ensure the hair's vitality, manageability and shine.

Embrace the experience of wash-and-wear glamour requiring nothing more than a quick dry in your busy morning.

At Hollywood Cutters, we offer several hair straightening options to suit your lifestyle needs.

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Hair Straightening Treatments

Japanese Thermal-Ionic
Hair Reconstruction

Thermal-Ionic Hair Reconstruction works on the hair's basic structure to create silky, ultra-smooth hair that remains straight until it grows out. Shiseido ion technology is used in the treatment process to ensure soft, glossy hair with natural fall and movement.

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Semi-Permanent Hair Relaxer

This treatment uses the keratin process to replenish, calm and straighten the hair. The keratin process is a gentle treatment that makes hair straight, smooth and ultra-soft, enhances its shine and protects it against damage. This treatment lasts 2-4 months and fades naturally, while hair remains soft and manageable.

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Anti-Curl Relaxer

This is a hair straightening treatment for men and women. It is designed for short hair and lasts 6-8 weeks. On longer locks it will have a more permanent result.

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